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A new website with shopping cart and payment facilties is under construction.

The public can order direct from the brewery by contacting us directly.

Payment by credit card (EFTPOS) is preferred, however direct deposit to our bank account, cheque or money order are other options. Once funds are received your order will be despatched.

We charge our Cellar Door Price for the beer plus what Australia Post charges for freight to your door.


Wicked Elf Kolsch carton (24x330ml bottles) - $85.00
Wicked Elf Pale Ale carton (24x330ml bottles) - $90.00
Wicked Elf Pilsner carton (24x330ml bottles) - $90.00
Wicked Elf Witbier carton (24x330ml bottles) - $84.00

Wicked Elf Porter carton (12x330ml bottles) - $51.00
Stab In The Dark Imperial Porter carton (12x330ml) - $70.00

Mad Abbot Dubbel carton (12x330ml bottles) - $59.00
Mad Abbot Tripel carton (12x330ml bottles) - $68.00
Mad Abbot Christmas Ale 2014 (12x330ml bottles) - $77.00

Citra IPA or Galaxy IPA carton (12x330ml bottles) - $58.00
Fastidious Bastard IPA carton (12x330ml bottles) - $58.00
Death Between The Tanks Double IPA (12x330ml bottles) - $65.00
Breaking The Cardinal Rule IPA Tripel (12x330ml bottles) - $69.00

Mixed Cartons

Mix any 24 bottles and recieve a 25% discount on 24 x single bottle price.

Wicked Elf Kolsch, Pale Ale, Pilsner and Witbier - $5.00 per bottle
Wicked Elf Porter - $6.00 per bottle
Mad Abbot Dubbel - $7.00 per bottle
Mad Abbot Tripel - $8.00 per bottle
Mad Abbot Christmas Ale 2014 - $9.00 per bottle
Citra, Galaxy and Fastidious IPA - $7.00 per bottle
Double IPA and IPA Tripel - $8.00 per bottle

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