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Wicked Elf Witbier

ABV = 5.0%

This is The Little Brewing Company’s version of a Belgian White Ale, a style brewed by monks in the Middle Ages and only recently revived. This beer is made using 50/50 wheat and barley malts and is ‘bottle conditioned’.

Overall, this is a thirst-quenching summer ale.

Colour and appearance:
Pale/lemon with a cloudy appearance from wheat and yeast.

Wheat, barley malt, curacao (bitter orange peel) and coriander, with a delicate floral hop aroma.

A light ale, with a lovely complexity of malt, citrus and spicy flavours, balanced with a refreshing bitterness from the hops and curacao.

Suggested food match:
A versatile beer that matches well with many foods but is particularly excellent with seafoods, especially mussels prepared using the beer, and Thai cuisine. Also matches beautifully with citrus-based (lemon/lime/orange) desserts.


Beer Reviews

"It's the aroma of this beer that really draws you in...a perfume like combination of herbaceous coriander and citric curacao, enhanced by the phenolics of the authentic Belgian yeast strain. On the palate it has a tango of orange sherbert and coriander, which finishes clean and dry. This Wit can easily go head to head with the best from Belgium."

Kirrily Waldhorn (Beer Diva), The Critics' Choice: Australia's Best Beers, 2011

"Hazy, golden-amber. Fruity aromatic  notes upfront; a hint of lemon sherbet in mid-palate, with a crisp and slightly spicy after-taste. Highly drinkable Belgian with style and a good match with Thai cuisine."

Willie Simpson, Good Living, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 December 2008

The (Newcastle) Herald, Weekender, p9, 29 March 2008.

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